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Setting the Standard in Home Renovation

We believe in hard work and quality products at affordable prices

When Beauty Meets Functionality

We Set the Standard!

LT Home Improvements translates over a decade of renovation experience to achieve our customer’s’ home renovation goals. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel project or bathroom improvements, you can count on us to treat you fairly and honestly throughout the renovation process. We don’t take shortcuts when we do our work and never compromise on our quality. For all things home improvement, you can count on LT Home Improvements & Remodeling experts’ to get the job done.

Streamlined Remodeling Process

We aim to provide you a pleasant customer experience, so we streamline our process for your convenience. From concept to construction, we work closely with you to ensure that all your expectations are met. Our process begins with a salesman visiting and surveying the state of your home. After listening to your goals, they will create a list of recommended products and services that will be necessary in order to accomplish your home remodeling goals. As we progress, if any setbacks come up, we will alert you of any additional steps that may need to be taken. When it comes to home improvement, we believe in a policy of transparency. We want to make sure your kitchen and bathroom remodel lines up exactly with your expectations. After all, if you cannot trust our contractors, why should you trust our products?

Trusted Experts

A defining quality of LT Home Improvements & Remodeling is our problem solving ability. Despite all the experience we have as a company, every so often a complex problem with an ambiguous solution will arise. That’s not to say we give up on the project easily, our contractors are interested in working towards a solution with you. We educate you in your options and suggest viable solutions for your remodeling issues!

We can enhance your exteriors or interiors as we help you in these areas:


Our window installers use the best available products Ply-Gem Windows for all window related projects. This is a trusted, sturdy brand of window that properly insulates your home!


We offer excellent interior and exterior door options. Like our widows, we have a good selection of Ply-Gem sliding glass doors available for installation as well.


If you have a little extra space on your lot, we can help design and build new home additions. We will work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion!


Are you looking to upgrade your pre-existing siding? The siding contractors of LT Home Improvements & Remodeling will help you select and install the ideal siding for your home.


Decking projects are some our favorite to perform. We use trusted lumber brands on our decks, they’re built to last!

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen renovation involves plenty of specialty services, we have the experience and the resources to perform all the services that come with a kitchen renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling

Much above, we take care of our clients every step of the way on all remodels. We will work with you to make your bathroom designs reflect the image you have.

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