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Windows & Doors

While LT Home Improvements & Remodeling is an expert in a wide range of construction projects, door and window installation is where we truly shine. We have an intimate knowledge of residential windows and interior doors and exterior doors. More often than not, our clients are most interested in these services! We set ourselves from the competition with our expert technicians and top of the line products.

At LT Home Improvements & Remodeling, we prefer Ply-Gem windows in all our window installation. Ply-Gem is a national supplier of residential construction supply. They build and sell aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient windows and glass doors. If you’re looking for a great looking, sturdy window, our number one recommendation is a Ply-Gem window! Clients that are also looking to save money on their energy bills could benefit from these windows too. While you will be making a bigger investment upfront, you will notice huge savings on your energy bills thanks to the energy efficiency of Ply-Gem windows!

The expert technicians from our company are well prepared for any residential window or door installation project. They have been impressing customers with their proficiency and knowledge on doors and windows as well as their exceptional courtesy. We work with our clients to find the best fit doors or windows for your home. Our extensive product catalogue has a wide range of quality, styles, and materials you can choose from!

If you’re interested in installing specialty windows or doors, such as bay windows or exquisite double doors, we got you covered. LT Home Improvements & Remodeling is fully capable of handling any of your door related requests. With our 25 years of combined experience in residential construction, you can count on us to have a solution in mind for you home.

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